System and Business Analysis

System and Business analysis are important directions in IT consulting. Being closely connected, these disciplines, however, have certain differences between them. Let’s describe briefly both of these fields.

Business analysis deals mainly with enterprise objectives and ways to achieve them. A narrower field is business systems analysis which focuses on the same, but with respect to computer systems.

What tasks do ISS Art specialists solve when conducting business analysis?

Why going for business analysis?

Let’s outline the benefits it brings to companies.

As to system analysis, this process involves studying a system (the existing one or the desired one) and its components and seeing how these parts interact with one another, what works properly and what requires improvement.

System analysis scope of work in our practice includes:

What benefits does system analysis bring to enterprises?

ISS Art experience speaks of the following:

Obviously, no one knows your business better than you do. Our approach is to discuss the workflow and to define if any improvements are needed. If yes, the next step will be to define what needs to be enhanced.

We’ll help to see the system “from the side” and work out the details of improvements needed. Our guys have experience of diving into such domain areas as inventory, construction, economics.

We are glad to provide the system and business analysis solutions you need. We are waiting for you to contact us.

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