About us

Who we are

Our team is committed to your success. When your desired project objectives are met, we are happy. Moreover, whenever we see that there is a room for improvement (say, implementing a certain feature in an alternative way may additionally speed up the workflow), we will propose an option that seems to be more efficient.

We work with different sectors and industries, however, the key ones are:

  • Manufacturing;
  • Chemicals;
  • Construction;
  • Hydro and nuclear power;
  • Information technology;
  • Media;
  • Education.

Our people

Of course, these are our people who carry out the magic of transforming ideas to brilliant software solutions. Thanks to their skill set and proficiency in computer science and mathematical analysis, even the most complicated tasks are resolved successfully. Working in cozy environment that we created in our office, our guys collaborate closely for the common success.

What we do

Our team delivers IoT, Machine to Machine and Industry 4.0 solutions that wouldn’t happen without the spread of these accelerators: Big data and analytics, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, machine learning. Thanks to these technological trends being at place, Industry 4.0 transforms the way companies used to work dramatically.

Having accomplished 500+ projects, our guys are rightfully considered experts at many areas:

  • Building solutions that need to store and process big data arrays is one of our team’s key specialization;
  • We already know how to implement system integration and Internet of Things (IoT) projects;
  • Our Java development team is experienced at designing robust and powerful industrial automation solutions;
  • Machine learning is one more perspective area that we love.

What else are we pros at?

  • Our team knows how to handle full text search issues with Solr and Elasticsearch tools;
  • We approach high load issues right on the architecture stage, so that the system will handle the increased load smoothly;
  • We’ve already applied data stream processing techniques to work with huge data volumes that are received continuously;
  • Our guys have solid experience with 3D modelling;
  • We know how to use the advantages of maps to the fullest;
  • We can deliver report generation functionality tailored to the specific needs of your business;
  • Cloud services is what our specialists willingly apply during the years of programming practice — Amazon Web Services is among our preferred platforms.


Figures & facts

Foreign customers
Repeat customers
Largest team size
since 2008 to present
The longest project
more than 500
Total number of projects performed
over 80 employees
Total headcount
Next, our company in the person of its CEO Ivan Orekhov takes an active part in community and charity activities. In addition, he established ISS Art Media Studio, which creates movies that highlight social issues and call upon the society to find solutions.
ISS Art is also engaged in environmental protection. Our company’s services are eco-friendly, and we ensure rational use of resources during our professional activities.
Finally, we take on responsibility towards government. What do we mean by that? We provide full tax payment and work according to the world’s standards of business ethics and conduct.

Referral program

You might have an acquaintance who has software development work to outsource. If so, why not get a benefit from it?

Interested? Reach out to us by email for more information.

With Referral Program from ISS Art you can get the following rewards in case we close a deal with your acquaintance:

  • If we don’t work together yet, we will give you a monetary reward;
  • If you are our customer already, we will provide you with a discount for future works.

Our mission

Shortcut to your dream.