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Software testing and software quality assurance (QA) are essential parts in building a project. Although these activities are closely connected, they are not the same.

Actually, QA is a broader concept than testing. Being an important constituent of QA, testing aims at assuring that a delivered system operates as desired. This includes discovering failures that need to be fixed further.

As to QA, its goal is to check if the programming process goes smoothly, and to accomplish the required improvements once any faults are detected. Software QA assumes that errors are found, documented, and fixed. In addition, it implies that measures are taken to enhance the existing practices and prevent the discovered mistakes in future.

ISS Art company knows how to execute a variety of testing techniques that exist today. During many years our QA specialists have been successfully utilizing their knowledge in this field, and, thanks to their effort, we have delivered a lot of outstanding products to companies who ordered programming solutions from us.

Our guys are great at load testing – a sub-type of performance testing. Its goal is to ensure that an app functions properly under increased load. Our team is the best in utilizing such tools as BlazeMeter, JMeter, and Taurus. By the way, have you checked BlazeMeter blog already? ISS Art guys are among its authors.

Security testing is another field of our expertise. It aims at verifying that a designed product (as well as data associated with it) is protected from unsolicited third-party intrusion. Often a project includes a great deal of serious research work; therefore, it needs to be checked for security.

Integration testing is one more professional instrument in ISS Art QA team’s favorites. When applying this technique, we take several project units and test them together.

Sometimes software testing tasks are associated with a lot of time and labor expenses in case they are performed manually, and this is where QA automation helps us. This is achieved through writing automated tests, which can be performed just one time and on some regular basis as well.

Regression testing helps to make sure that an app still works properly after adjustments were made to the code.

Certainly, we know how to execute functional testing. Simply put, this activity helps us to make sure that delivered solutions perform certain functions successfully.

ISS Art works with documentation and without it when rendering software testing services. If you want to additional info – feel free to contact us!

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