DevOPS services

Today DevOps services are highly demanded along with other software development tasks. DevOps practice encourages close working relationships between programmers and an IT department.

There are certain benefits of such approach, for example:

What does a DevOps specialist do?

Actually, he is half a software engineer, half a system administrator. There are application servers, database servers. In addition, a server may be located in the cloud – Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS. All these servers need to be managed somehow, and often a certain level of automation is wanted.

In case there are many servers (let’s say, 10), different challenges might arise. To name a few:

DevOps engineers deal with all these issues. Therefore, we can say that he is a specialist in infrastructure. His major tasks include building scripts, choosing the appropriate settings, monitoring. Sometimes even cost estimates for DevOps programming works is a non-trivial task, and only a specialist can cope with it.

Downtime reduction

The biggest challenge in DevOps software development direction is to make downtime as short as possible. To ensure this, a DevOps engineer needs to monitor various aspects.

In addition to that, a server migration from one hosting to another is also performed by a DevOps professional.

ISS Art has proven expertise in DevOps programming. We have utilized our knowledge in this field on various projects successfully. For example, when working on a social network for music fans, we managed to reduce Customer’s expenses on servers support significantly.

Our team is glad to offer our DevOps services. On the consulting phase, we will find out where the issues are and where the budget is wasted. After that, we will make the required optimization and tune the code. Don’t hesitate to contact ISS Art and discuss your objectives. Together we’ll find the optimal solutions for your business.

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