Research and Development (R&D) service

If you have an innovative idea that you want to transform into a top software product, then Research and Development (or R&D) is the best way to get started.

Why should you invest in R&D?

ISS Art R&D services include:

Proof of Concept (PoC) Development

An effective Proof of Concept allows you to assess the feasibility of your idea, explore its market potential, and verify that the final product will fulfil its intended purpose. We provide you with a minimal technical implementation of the idea, which could be just a fragment of the final application. (This could be for mobile, desktop, web, raspberry, arduino or a combination of these).

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Development

With a Minimal Viable Product, you can test the core functionality with early users. Analysing the feedback received can yield valuable data to inform future development.

Visual Design and Usability Experience Services

When the project requires it, we can create both simple interfaces, and non-typical interfaces, to provide the best user experience for your individual project. Generally, at the Research and Development stage, the user interface provides a schematic display of user interaction with the system.

Technology Consulting and Support

Want to discuss the possibilities before deciding on a course of action?

Whether you need software, hardware, frameworks or deployment environments, our experts will identify the technologies and methodologies to solve your project challenges in the most efficient way.

In our experience, technology consulting and support will help you:

Together we can transform your idea into a high-end software solution.
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Legacy System Replacement
Legacy System Replacement
Proof of Concept (PoC)
Proof of Concept (PoC)