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.NET framework represents a powerful technology designed by Microsoft. Actually, .Net family unites several programming languages:

The main idea of .Net technology is to free a developer from memory management, so that he can focus on building the programming logic instead. .NET has Virtual Machine as well, which is called Common Language Runtime (CLR). It helps with .NET based apps execution.

What is great about .NET?

In case a programmer builds an app which should run on Windows (especially if it is a desktop app), .NET is the only suitable option.

Here we’d like to note that, in fact, Windows platform is not very popular in a server world. Why?

For the most part, .NET is applied for desktop apps development. To build web apps using .Net, a developer needs ASP.NET expertise (Active Server Pages for .Net).

To generate dynamic content, C# is used. However, this is not a widely spread option.

Despite all the great capabilities .NET has, its usage is rather limited. Below are the main reasons for this:

ISS Art dot net experts have delivered a lot of apps for Clients around the globe. Let’s look at some of them.

One of our most outstanding works in .NET is a time tracking system which was designed for internal use initially, and which is now offered to our Clients as a subscription based service. With this tool, users have an opportunity to manage time spent on certain tasks, and to report to Customer or Supervisor.

Another example is a desktop component of a complex system designed to manage construction sites. Among a wide range of opportunities, this system allows future construction projects creation, virtual file system management, and documents approval.

Next, for one of our Clients we developed drivers needed for the third-party apps installation. They are currently distributed as commercial software products.

And one more example is a simulation engine project. This tool analyzes the data about current resources and their performance. Based on this analysis, important management decisions can be made – such as whether to attract additional specialists, to purchase additional equipment units, etc.

Our team is ready to handle new dot net expert solutions development. Get in touch with us to discuss whether .NET is the best fit for your desired project.

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