Database related tools

Type Desktop application
TECHNOLOGIES .NET 4.0, C#, Java, MS SQL Server
AREAS OF EXPERTISE JSQLConnect: MS SQL Server administration, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language, multithreading, JDBC, TDSProtocol; JDataConnect: multithreading, ODBC; Combine: MS SQL Server administration, MS SQL Server Transact-SQL language, multithreading, cryptography, obfuscation, XHEO license manager, JDBC
TEAM 3 employees

JNetDirect is a company specializing in building software products aimed at improving connectivity, integration, management system, and security to the data resources. The company already has 3500+ clients worldwide.

The company’s three products are: JSQLConnect, JDataConnect and Combine.

  • JSQLConnect is one of the best JDBC drivers providing fast, secure and reliable connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server.
  • JDataConnect is JDBC-ODBC bridge providing a quick connection of Java applications to data sources.
  • Combine is an instrument for deploying and monitoring changes on a great number of databases.
  1. JNetDirect had such problems with Combine Product as lack of high speed response, instable work on a great number of databases and synchronization failures.
  2. The customer sent consecutive requests and wanted to improve the speed of Combine.
  1. Dissinchronization of components was removed. Our developers made the optimization of high speed response of critical code segments and decreased excessive requests to databases.
  2. To optimize the time of running the scripts the developers parallelized the requests to databases
  1. The high speed response was increased by 5-10 times. As a result a large customer purchased Combine Product.
  2. We increased the speed of performance and helped JNetDirect to sell it to its customers.
See our client's feedback

See our client's feedback

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