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Needless to say, mobile devices have truly become an integral part of our everyday life. These are smartphones, tablets, and different wearables (smart watches, head-mounted devices, health trackers). Most of you must be familiar with the situation when you forgot your iPhone at home and feel helpless, because this is an indispensable assistant both at work and in personal matters.

What are the specifics of designing apps for mobile devices?

First of all, in case of mobile development application won’t look the same as it looks like on a PC. A programmer has to work with a smaller screen, so the interface differs.

Mobile devices provide great possibilities for programming solutions creation. Accelerometer, gyroscope, and other advanced features of smartphones and tablets can be utilized. By the way, most programmers consider this a great opportunity for mobile development expertise enrichment.

iOS and Android are known to be the most widely spread mobile platforms; the most suitable programming languages for them are Objective-C and Java respectively. The good thing about Java is that many of its standard libraries may be successfully applied.

What benefits do these platforms have?

The biggest advantage of Android is that this platform is free. Besides, there are lots of open source tools and ready components available for it.

In addition, these platforms have their own notification servers. What are they needed for? When we need to notify a user about this or that event, we send a notification to Apple’s or Google’s server, and then the platform provider takes care of sending it to a user.

Despite all the great opportunities, there are certain limitations associated with programming for mobile. In particular, a mobile device is less powerful than a PC. Thus, including outstanding graphics may require effort. Nevertheless, hardware accelerators may be of help in some cases.

We would also like to note that a mobile app doesn’t “live on its own”. To operate as desired, it often requires a web service. The effective approach is to build all the logic on the server. This way, a programmer can build any app – a mobile or a web app; any of them can utilize this logic.

A few words about technologies used by programmers to deliver outstanding mobile solutions.

Some projects have advanced graphics and contain beautiful 3D objects. To incorporate them into a mobile app, Unity engine is usually applied.

Is it possible to apply JavaScript in mobile app frontend development? Yes, it is. Certain frameworks allow using JS to build an iOS or Android app. Apache Cordova, Ionic, Sencha Touch, and Kendo UI are among them.

In case you don’t have resources in such a sphere as mobile, outsourcing development tasks seems to be a reasonable path. Many of our clients decided so.

What about ISS Art mobile development expertise? Our guys delivered a lot of solutions. Let’s look through a couple of examples.

One of our works is a social network for music lovers. This product has a web, a desktop, and a mobile client. With it, users can find, store and share music they love, while retailers can sell music content through the local stores.

Another sample is a mobile app created for a car dealership owner. This app allows viewing auction lots. Together with convenient search function, the product provides bidding tools.

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