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Information technology (IT) stands for the use of computers to deal with various data – that is, to collect, to store, and to process these data. To make this happen, lots of digital products are created. This, in turn, requires using certain programming tools. Thus, IT sphere is a great consumer of programming solutions.

What kinds of products are usually required by IT specialists?

Actually, we can distinguish two types of information technology professional software:

Let’s take a closer look at both types of products.

What are the most common products for sysadmins?

Below are several examples:

It should be noted that there is a great variety of instruments for system administrators available today (both open-source and proprietary). Applying them in a professional activity, however, requires certain skills from a specialist.

What are the products for programmers?

As to solutions for programmers, they are aimed at solving different tasks that may arise during software development. As long as programmers face many different issues in their professional activity, there are many types of tools designed to make their life easier. To name a few examples: revision control software, code review tools, compilation tools, performance analysis instruments, and many more.

ISS Art team is experienced at information technology professional software creation; there are certain projects for this sphere that we successfully delivered. For one of our Clients, we delivered drivers which are used when installing third-party apps. These drivers are available in the software market today as paid products, and they bring sustained profit to the owner.

One more project for IT sector delivered by our company is a plugin for JIRA. This plugin helps developers with the following activities: working with code and repositories, performing code review, tracking changes made. This product is currently available on Atlassian Marketplace.

Beside information technology software development, we offer IT audit as a service. During this audit we check the following aspects:

In addition to security, performance is checked as well during IT audit.

Being programmers, we know the importance of smooth app development process and comfortable development environment. Thus, we will be glad to handle the projects which are aimed at simplifying the work of IT specialists. Reach out to us to learn more about our services.

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