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Today’s media unites a great variety of communication channels which deliver information to people. These are TV, radio, printed and online press, publishing, blogosphere, and social media. Considering that Internet is the major means of getting information today, all these channels provide content in digital form (along with the traditional forms). The need to create robust media software solutions to deliver this content to users creates high demand for programmers’ work.

What kinds of media software solutions can be built?

Lots of apps involve social networking functionality. This is a way to encourage user engagement and spread information among people. We’ve done such projects at ISS Art.

Tools for content creation represent one more direction in media application software development. Just a couple of examples.

First, this can be an editor for professional writers and screenwriters. How can this tool help? It provides great assistance with editing process. Particularly, it can analyze the copy and suggest improvements – spelling, repetition, and overall readability.

Second, this can be a photo/video editor. Such an editor allows uploading a set of photos and getting a video clip as an output.

Next, as long as the majority of resources becomes Internet based today, having an online version is a must for most mass media – magazines, newspapers, TV channels. Thus, the following media software solutions can be delivered here:

ISS Art capacity

Along with programming part, our team can render media software design services as well. Our artists will provide beautiful graphics for a project, so that its visual component will look appealing.

Guys at ISS Art know for sure how to handle media software projects.

One of the brightest samples from our portfolio is a platform which unites music streaming services and rich social functionality available to users. With this product, users, retailers, and streaming services get their benefits. Users find fresh music pieces and share the ones they love with the community; retailers can sell music content to users through local stores; music streaming services get an additional platform for their promotion.

In addition, we built a social network for cinema fans. The website features info on around 30K movies. Users rate these movies, create their personal collections, discuss movies with others, and join groups by interest. In addition, they can order movies they like on Amazon (the website owner gets a commission from every sale), see what movies are shown in cinemas, and order cinema tickets online.

Do you need assistance with media software design and development? Get in touch with ISS Art to discuss what we can do for you.

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