Software solutions for other sectors

We’ve already discussed how software solutions can be applied in such spheres as manufacturing, education, media, IT. Obviously, there are many other sectors where programming solutions are utilized successfully. Let’s look through them, too.

Medicine and healthcare

Medicine is one of the industries where the latest technological advances are used. How can smart solutions help doctors – therapists, surgeons, dentists and other specialists? Here are a few examples of possibilities they may provide:

Tools for automation the work of a registry are also popular. With these tools, scheduling and billing can be done “on a fly”.

ISS Art team has already delivered software solutions for medicine. One of them is medical gas supply system, which has desktop, web and mobile clients. With this system, our Client’s company effectively manages gas supply to medical centers.

Healthcare is one more sphere where digital products are used. These are calorie counting apps, apps for measuring the distance walked, sleep analysis apps. These tools are often built for mobile and wearable devices. Our guys worked on such apps, too – for example, they built an app for relaxation. This app connects to the device which generates electronic and pulsed waveforms. Then, to get emotional relaxation, a user is offered to play audio/video content from the app menu.


Construction is another field where programming products are of much help. One of the most notable projects ISS Art has delivered for this industry is a powerful system designed to manage construction sites. One more demonstrative example of our works is an app for planning and monitoring the process of soil compaction in the future construction areas. This tool helps to reduce construction expenses, allows making forecasts on the timing of work, and gives the opportunity to observe the workflow in real time.


The next industry we’d like to cover is entertainment. Today it would hardly exist without being digital. What about our experience in entertainment projects? We worked on a social network for cinema lovers. With this resource, users can rate the movies they have watched, discuss these movies with others, and create their personal “collections”. In addition, they can order a movie on Amazon and to purchase cinema tickets.


Finally, the spheres that certainly deserve our attention are retail and wholesale. With online stores and trading platforms being widely spread, more and more business owners reach out to programming experts today.

ISS Art has built a great number of E-Commerce products for Clients around the globe so far. We’ll give a couple of examples that demonstrate our experience in this field.

First, we worked on a web portal which connects buyers and sellers of real estate in the USA. Among the features this website provides are the possibilities to exchange messages and make appointments.

Second, we created a trade portal for producers and sellers of fruit and vegetables. Beside trading options, this platform provides users with a social part as well. This is an opportunity to communicate via chats and private messages.

As you can see, ISS Art company has solid experience at building software solutions for various industries and sectors. Should you need assistance with software products development for any of the spheres we’ve covered (or the ones we haven’t mentioned here), we are at your service. Please contact us for more information.

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