Application for relaxation

Type iPad application
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Bluetooth, integration with an external device
TEAM 2 employees

The SimpleeWurx app is a unique iOS application for relaxation by means of audio and video content. The whole system includes a device that is capable of generating different types of electronic and pulsed waveforms. However, the application can be used separately. A musical piece can be played or seen in the iOS application depending on the program chosen by a user. Thus, the user gets physical and emotional relaxation when listening to his/her preferred audios/videos.

  1. The application Bluetooth had to be connected to the device generating electronic and pulsed waveforms. There was a challenge of connection between the application and the device by means of Bluetooth.
  2. The maximum length of command line string in Bluetooth was 72 characters that did not meet the requirements for iOS application.
  3. The Customer wanted the application Bluetooth to connect to the owner’s device in case if two devices were found for connection by means of Bluetooth.
  1. The solution was to make some changes in the firmware of the device at the Customer’s site.
  2. Our specialists made the command line strings be rewritten completely in accordance with iOS requirements.
  3. For the Bluetooth connection between the application and a required device our developers created a new feature, i.e. Connection Management.
  1. The iPad application Bluetooth can be easily connected to the external device now.
  2. The command line strings are easily sent to the device and the whole system works in a stable way.
  3. The application stores the information about the required device, then it connects to the device automatically via Bluetooth.
See our client's feedback

See our client's feedback

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