Global Event Map application

Type Web application
TECHNOLOGIES Bootstrap, Google Maps, JavaScript, JWidget, MySQL, PHP, Require JS, Scribble Maps, Symphony
QA TOOLS Pixel perfect, MySQL workbench, Browser DevTool
TEAM 4 employees

Global event map project is a platform providing special information about situation in the world. The platform is based on a world map on which several events should be mapped. The map markers can be of different colors. The application allows users to follow recent events and news, view these events from many aspects and points of view and add news by themselves.


Development challenges:

  1. The Customer wanted to have an opportunity to edit a map (to place markers, highlight areas, etc.).
  2. The markers should have been displayed on maps and painted in different colors (Google Maps did not support this feature).
  3. The Customer wanted to integrate the application with social media sites and a payment system.

QA challenges:

The challenge of the QA activities on this project was to create test data. Another challenge is integration with social network and other services.

  1. We have used Scribble Maps and Google Maps. Scribble Maps makes it possible to highlight geographical areas on the map and place markers.
  2. We have used JavaScript to generate colorful markers. The color can be changed via the admin panel.
  3. We have integrated the application with the social media sites: Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The pictures and videos are showed in Timeline. The application has been integrated with PayPal.

QA activities:

Functional testing, usability testing, compatibility testing, security testing.

working with maps


  1. The decision to combine Google Maps and Scribble Maps is simple and effective. It enables users to make necessary manipulations with maps.
  2. In comparison with other analogues the markers can be added and painted in desired color easily and quickly.
  3. The application is successfully integrated with Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Paypal, G+ and VK.
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