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Today Java is the leading object-oriented programming language opening wide opportunities for developers. 9+ million Java experts use it in their professional activity. Being a robust and multithreaded technology, Java allows building complex high load applications that can support a large volume of user data requests simultaneously.

For instance, high traffic projects such as eBay and LinkedIn use Java language. In addition, Java is a good fit for building Big Data projects.

Why? Most of the tools used for large data volumes storage and processing are written in Java (Hadoop Framework, Solr platform, HBase database, and others).

Here at ISS Art we keep up-to-date with the latest development trends and utilize the possibilities that today’s programming languages provide. Our development team has proven Java expertise while working on projects with Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT). Using this technology we’ve handled a variety of challenging tasks from our clients and implemented solutions that met their business goals to the fullest.

One of the projects we have successfully built is a Saas solution using mathematical algorithms to forecast equipment malfunctions. Being experts in Java, our programmers took over backend development and frontend optimization. The developed software is used in leading companies from – for example – the power, chemical, oil & gas and transportation sectors in the U.S. and Europe.

The results of this solution implementation are quite impressive: 99% of equipment malfunctions were accurately predicted, with a horizon of up to 5 years. Moreover, the accuracy level tends to even increase because of machine learning.

This is just one sample of our works. We’ve worked on a large number of other outstanding projects for various industries (finance, healthcare, retail, education), however, we cannot describe all of them due to agreements with our clients.

The results of our work are worthy. With our experts’ assistance our clients:

Obviously, successful projects implementation wouldn’t be possible without a reliable and coherent team. We are happy to have such a team. We employ 80+ top-notch specialists who keep their knowledge up-to-date and constantly improve their skills. Among them are 40+ experts in Java.

A few words about our Java developers:

We are happy to start new projects and take over new opportunities to utilize our Java expertise.

If you need robust and scalable solutions tailored to your business needs – Big Data, Machine Learning applications, Data Analysis and Report Generations tools or whatever else – feel free to contact us.

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