Education software

Today’s education sector is greatly influenced by Information technology. With the Internet being easily accessible all over the planet, there are great opportunities for everyone to connect to various education software resources:

By taking advantage of these resources, one can significantly enrich his/her skills and competence. Bringing such valuable projects into life is the work of a software engineer.

In addition, latest digital trends are utilized in the education industry. Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) is among them.

What kinds of solutions may an education software development company deliver?

eLearning platforms

eLearning platforms are getting more widespread now – millions of users are trained by means of digital technologies. These systems provide interactive classes that are accessible from any part of the globe via the Internet. Most classes are held in real time, so that the audience can interact with teachers here and now. Pre-recorded lectures and papers for download are also offered in such products.

Education SaaS software

Next, various kinds of education SaaS software may be utilized. This can be an electronic school diary, for instance. Handling everyday routine of tracking timetable, classes and grades received, such an instrument makes the life of schools, teachers, students and their parents much easier. In short, it provides automation of an educational process. Parents get advanced ways of tracking a child’s school performance and communicating with teachers. Often such solutions offer additional benefits for students: a collection of useful services, additional materials for lessons, opportunities for communicating with other students. As in most SaaS products, pricing for using electronic diaries depends mostly on the volume of services requested.

Online courses and tests

Online courses and tests are also in high demand. To build them, an education software developer will apply ready-made solutions most likely. Lots of them are available today.

Library automation

Projects for library automation represent one more direction in education software creation. How can the workflow in a library be automated? This involves an electronic catalog of books creation, a possibility for users to reserve a book online, and issuing/return of books using a barcode (the data should be fixed in the system automatically).

AR solutions are getting the more popular in the education industry, too. How can they be applied? For example, with such a solution, one can point his iOS or Android device at this or that object and see the detailed info about it: what it is made of, what are its physical properties, and so on.

ISS Art team knows how to approach education software design. Among our works in this direction is a chess school website. On this site, children are taught to play chess. Coaches create a timetable of classes, send tasks to students, and check them upon completion.

If you need an education software application development – let us know! We will be happy to apply our competence in building new projects that are desired to bring benefit to society.

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