Manufacturing business software

Programming solutions are now in high demand in a great number of spheres. Manufacturing sphere is not an exception. Manufacturing business software products are aimed at enhancing the workflow and increasing the production efficiency.

Particularly, they help to achieve the following:

What kinds of software are these?

First, a promising opportunity provided by today’s technological capabilities is automation of production. With the tendency of many devices to become Internet of things (or IoT), these devices are now capable of interacting with humans and other devices via the Internet. In addition, advanced robotics are often involved into the workflow. To achieve effective interaction between smart devices and humans, special applications for industrial automation are usually built. To do this, the assistance of a manufacturing software developer is required.

Second, with the accelerated pace of transactions performed, it is crucial to keep track of the stock status. That is, the responsible persons need to manage the quantity of components utilized in the production (machine parts, spare parts) as well as the quantity of ready products. Needless to say, these data must stay up-to-date. This is where inventory management systems help. These tools allow automating inventory movements management. In addition, such applications often provide analytics and forecasts. So, this prevents businesses from running out of stock or having too much extra stock – there is no room for a human error anymore.

Third, beside carrying out inventory management, responsible persons need to track financial activities of a company. To ensure that information related to finance is kept in order, accounting software is a must. With such an instrument, info about sales, purchases, and liabilities will be under control, and it will be stored in a reliable database. In addition, meaningful reports for the interested parties can be produced on request.

Beyond any doubt, the above-mentioned systems provide great assistance in making competent management decisions.

One more kind of software utilized in industrial companies is a so-called reference system for engineers. It represents a kind of an online handbook that contains detailed information about machines and mechanisms parts, spare parts.

ISS Art experience

ISS Art guys are professionals in building manufacturing software solutions. One of our most outstanding works in this direction is a prognostic app designed for plants and factories. This app applies specific unique mathematical algorithms to produce a forecast of equipment malfunctioning. Having such a forecast, a company management team can make timely decisions.

Another example is an app aimed to automate the process of sawing wood. For the purpose of optimization, a 3D model of a board is built, and then unique mathematical algorithms are used. After that, the positioning commands can be sent to assembly lines and saws.

We are happy to deliver manufacturing business software for small companies and for huge enterprises. In addition to software design, our team can provide audit as well. This can be an audit of an enterprise IT system, or audit of processes. Feel free to contact us to discuss opportunities for your production process enhancement.

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