Dedicated development center

Dedicated development center is a model of cooperation which we are happy to propose to our Customers. What makes this model special?

Why hire dedicated development center from ISS Art?

We have gurus with 15+ years of expertise. Excellence in computer science and advanced mathematical skills are the team’s strengths.

You are welcome to review the specialists’ profiles and take part in interviewing the candidates.

With ISS Art dedicated development team, all the milestones will be thoroughly covered. ISS Art guys will apply methodologies that suit the project the best. As a rule, Agile practices are great for dedicated software development model. Scrum and Kanban are among them.

We always appoint Project Manager (PM) on our side. PM manages the whole team’s work, monitors the budget, provides reports about the work done.

To make our processes clear and transparent, we provide regular reporting. In addition, we mark all the work progress in project management systems (JIRA, Redmine), which is also available for your review.

Although we are an offshore company, with today’s means of communication it’s not crucial at all. We are happy to provide day-to-day interaction via Skype, Slack and email.

So, you can see: a dedicated development center is a ready-made crew that is easy to manage, and it can be trusted. Hire dedicated developers from ISS Art!

Full cycle of software development
Full cycle of software development
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QA services