Full cycle of software development

Custom software development is the passion of our team. Being an offshore outsourcing company, we have been building solutions for Clients all over the world since 2003.

What sets custom software apart from “boxed” products?

Although working on a custom application may require much more time and money resources than purchasing a ready one, this cost is likely to be paid off in future. A custom project is supposed to serve the specific needs of Client (and “boxed” products often lack this ability). Therefore, productivity level is likely to increase after the successful project implementation.

Our experience

ISS Art delivered more than 500 projects in various fields:

We built projects of different purposes, for example:

Our team

Our success in custom software application development became possible thanks to our team. ISS Art specialists have a great background in computer science and mathematical analysis. Their strong points are:

Having such knowledge and experience, we are ready to bring many challenging ideas to life.

We have years of experience in rendering programming services, therefore, we know how to build a software product, and which methodology is the best fit for this or that project. Our guys have successfully applied both formal (Waterfall) and agile (Scrum, Kanban) methodologies while working on the projects.

We are always happy to offer our custom software development services. As for pricing, for each project, it is defined individually based on the requirements. Reach out to us for more information.

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Computer Vision
Dedicated development center
Dedicated development center