Application for dynamic compaction control

Type Web application
TECHNOLOGIES Gulp, Java, Leaflet, MySQL, Webpack, Аngular (JS), С3 (creating charts)
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Multi-language support, data adapters, non-standard controls, working with maps
TEAM 5 developers

Through ISS ART’s engagement we have developed the system for Trimble Navigation.

This web application for dynamic compaction control has been developed for a global leading provider of advanced location-based solutions, Trimble Navigation, Ltd.

Our team worked on a tool that enables users to plan, control and manage effectively the process of soil consolidation in the prospective construction areas. The application is designed for engineers and construction inspectors. It allows them to create a work order and monitor the soil compaction on construction sites. This application is part of a larger CIS (Civil Information System).

  1. The Customer wanted to create an application to control and visualize processes of soil compaction on construction sites as well as reduce potential construction expenses.
  2. Initially, the application was intended for a construction area in China and was supposed to be used on sites in other countries. It was necessary to add a multi-language support.
  3. The application had to demonstrate the map of a construction site and a great number of map pointers.
  1. To achieve the goals an application was developed allowing users to view the information on the map about the current condition of the chosen construction area or a particular chosen point.
  2. We created the feature of Multi-language support.
  3. We used JavaScript library, Leaflet, to create interactive maps and demonstrate the necessary map pointers.

  1. The Web application was developed in 2016 and has been successfully functioning and evolving ever since.
  2. The application supports the English and Chinese languages.
  3. The application is able to demonstrate maps with several thousand map pointers.
See our client's feedback

See our client's feedback

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