Industrial automation

Industry 4.0 is one of the latest trends in today’s manufacturing technology. It assumes that cyber-physical systems applied to industrial automation – robotics systems, smart grid, process control systems, etc.

Speaking about robotics systems, in particular, they are expected to replace many workers in the nearest future – bank employees, employees from the service sectors, etc. Cyber-physical systems control the work of physical objects – machines, equipment, devices. These objects, in turn, are capable of communicating with their cyber-physical supervisors and with humans by transferring data via the Internet. In other words, Internet of things is in place. We are ready to handle such projects as long as we have qualified specialists with knowledge of the required hardware and software within our team.
Today there is a great variety of programming tools allowing to achieve this, and Java is one of them. Being robust and powerful, Java industrial automation solutions help to put the production on a qualitatively new level.

Big data is utilized in manufacturing automation as well. Thanks to the ability of smart systems to process and analyze large data sets coming from physical objects early detection of equipment malfunctions and prevention of productivity losses is possible. The insights provided by these systems are of much help for the management team to make a competent decision and thus reduce costs and improve the efficiency of work significantly.

With all the capabilities that Industry 4.0 and, in particular, Java industrial automation solutions open it becomes possible to completely revolutionize the way factories and plants work.

We already helped our clients to bring their manufacturing automation plans into life. One of such works is a work and process control system for a metallurgical plant. Client’s objectives were to optimize the enterprise performance and to reduce expenses. To achieve this we built an application with the following functionality:

In addition, a system of work with sick leaves and insurance is going to be developed. The delivered software is actively used by Client and helps reduce and optimize time tracking expenses for 100+ employees.

We have an example of Java industrial automation solutions in our portfolio as well. ISS Art team built a prognostic solution for plants and factories. Based on unique mathematical algorithms, this powerful tool allows manufacturing enterprises owners:

To sum up, Industry 4.0 era is certainly the time to:

Do not delay the “brighter future” for tomorrow! Get in touch with us to find out how Java industrial automation solutions from ISS Art can help you optimize your production processes.

Sensor data processing
Sensor data processing