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Augmented reality (AR) is a very popular technology in today’s world. By adding digital content – graphics, video, sound – to a real environment, it can change how your surrounding looks like completely. Unlike in case with virtual reality, AR enriches the real-time environment rather than replaces it with a computer-generated interface.

Augmented reality is closely connected to artificial intelligence area.

Speaking about programming tools to bring Augmented reality to life, their choice is often limited to those that are suitable for mobile devices – Java, Objective-C, Swift. Java is appropriate for a great number of Android-based devices while Objective-C and Swift work for Apple devices only. ISS Art team has experience with both Java AR solutions and iOS AR solutions.

AR is getting more and more popular in a variety of spheres. Just a few examples:

Augmented reality Java services can be successfully applied in any of these spheres and optimize the work process enormously.

There are many devices supporting Augmented reality – helmets, glasses (Microsoft HoloLens, EPSON Glasses, Smart Glasses, Google Glass, etc.), handheld displays and even contact lenses. Which devices to use depends on a project requirement. As an AR Java services provider, we are happy to define it for you once you reach out to us.

The greatest challenge is to develop a “brain” that will process 3D images in real time. For any number of images, it is possible to find a solution that will allow building a high-speed application. Being a Java Augmented reality development company when working on such apps we found out that images shouldn’t be very sophisticated – most glasses (as well as other kinds of hardware) are not ready to process them such images. Nevertheless, we are sure all the manufacturers will enhance their devices soon.

Right now we have an application to visualize the desired real estate objects on the ground on a pre-project stage. This project features include an excursion inside and outside to understand where the windows go, what do they look like, and how to decorate the house inside.

Java AR solutions can be successfully utilized in clinics, banks, restaurants, theatres, etc. The future is for Augmented reality, and if you wish to be ahead, you should definitely consider it. Contact ISS Art to learn how our Augmented reality Java services can help ensure the future of your business.

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