A mobile application to find recharge stations for mobile devices

Type Mobile application
TECHNOLOGIES Gradle, JB Idea, Kotlin, Kotlin-Multiplatform, Ktor, MongoDB, Retrofit, Spring boot 2, Swagger, Swift
AREAS OF EXPERTISE Integration with third parties' service API, payment systems integration, camera API , Google services integration, multi-platform
TEAM 4 employees

The app is aimed at users who urgently need to charge their phone and do not have a charger and/or a socket at hand. It allows users to find the closest JumpStart charging station by using integrated Google Maps service, get access to an available power bank by scanning the station’s QR code, connect their phone to get necessary amount of battery charge and then automatically pay for the service with the credit card they have linked to their profile in a mobile app.

For this, we have implemented the following features & capabilities:

  • Facebook, Google and Ordinary login via e-mail and password;
  • Google Maps integration & Venue Ratings;
  • QR Code scanner;
  • Live power bank status tracking;
  • Credit card scanner;
  • Transaction list (Cost, Duration & Venue);
  • High-security encryption;
  • Third-party hardware control services integration;
  • Android & Apple devices compatibility.
  1. Integration with third party's service API that controls the hardware appeared to be a big challenge since the web service, which was preferred by Client, was not completely stable and we had to deal with version control issues as well.
  2. From a technical point of view, the main idea of the project was to create a multi-platform module. Developing separate applications for different systems was not an option so we had to create a module that would be compatible with both iOS and Android.
  1. We have contacted the team that develops this service and jointly implement the changes that were required for further integrations. The version control workflow was established and both systems life cycles were the life cycles of both systems proceed/flow in accordance with one another.
  2. Our front-end developer has studied the design of multi-platform application architecture and the principles of relevant technologies operation to put them in practice further. Thus we have created a flexible multi-platform application using Kotlin-Multiplatform technology that runs perfectly on both Android and iOS devices.


Our technical implementation of this project has helped our Client to be awarded the Business SA 2019 South Australian Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Several charging stations have already been set up among some of the Australian hotels. The mobile app is available in App Store and Google Play. It allows users to interact with the stations as intended and make an automatic payment transaction afterward. Payment is charged for every 15 minutes of power bank usage.

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