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New features implemented on Sleep Restore App project

ISS Art is developing a new application designed for people suffering from insomnia. In the second phase, we implemented two important features which give users an opportunity to get bonus tracks and premium accounts.

Specialists of ISS Art are working on a unique application for sufferers of stress-related insomnia. This app comprises several sessions combining evocative music and suggestions with the power of Bilateral stimulation to turn off the worry and physical tension that inhibit sleep and help restore it. The application has a web and mobile versions (iOS and Android).

The main features of the application are:

  • sessions of guided meditations, sessions for ‘getting to sleep’ and ‘getting back to sleep’ and sessions for worry and tension,
  • questionnaire for sleep assessment,
  • ability to create an individualized playlist,
  • ability to track progress through repeating questionnaire over time and unlock bonus tracks.

User’s responses to the short questionnaire generate recommendations regarding which sessions are most likely to help him/her.

In May our developers implemented two new features of this app:

  • Bonus tracks. After completing a questionnaire several times a user has an opportunity to get bonus tracks. New logic was added and request/answer format from Client to Server was changed.
  • Premium account. Now a user has an opportunity to buy a premium account and get an access to commercial tracks. The developers added In App Purchase.

Both features are under testing now.

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