Maan Ashgar


I was impressed with how professionally the services were rendered. From the start the work flow was established so that the manager could always see the amount of work done. Reporting tools, updated status of the tasks and what was being worked on reduced the friction caused by having remote team members.Even with rapidly changing priorities and little-to-no documentation, our team mates from ISS Art kept up with the needed work and helped the project go forward. Communication with both the project manager and the developer was pleasant and clear. The developer helped us in refactoring and optimizing the code with hardly any negative effect. He also helped in adding more documentation to the project, which was very valuable. The biggest benefit in working with ISS Art was working with professionals: clear and direct communications and updates/follow ups, always working on time, experience in working with remote clients, good technical experience. Working with professionals means that you get good team members that will help you advance the project, instead of hindering it.

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