Technical and business solutions audit

Here at ISS Art, we audit software solutions for effectiveness, from two perspectives: the pure business side, and the technical side.


The Business Perspective

During solutions audit, we define the following:

  1. How effectively and efficiently does a system solve specific business-related tasks?
  2. What can be done to make the system more effective?


Suggestions to improve a system may include the following:


The Technical Perspective

From the technical perspective, we audit the system itself. This includes:


System Architecture Audit.  When performing an architecture audit, we assess whether the existing technology matches the non-functional requirements. Find out more about our system architecture audit here.

Source Code Quality Audit. This process aims to verify that the code is written in accordance with best practices. In addition, we evaluate the effectiveness of algorithm implementation in terms of performance and memory consumption.

Scalability Audit. Here we check whether your system can maintain its performance level at various load levels.

Algorithm Optimization. We take an even closer look at your algorithms to ensure they’re as efficient as they could be. Small optimizations can mean huge savings in memory consumption and improvement of performance.


What are the deliverables of solutions audit?

We provide you with a comprehensive report containing:

Fortunately, we can also help you fix the issues we find, which will save you time and money—no need to bring in a costly third-party.

Could your architecture and business processes be optimized? Just drop us a line, and we will discuss what we can do for you.

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