Industry 4.0/M2M

Industry 4.0 concept gets more and more attention today. This is also known as the 4th industrial revolution. According to this concept, cyber-physical objects (such as medical monitoring tools, self-driving buses at airports, smart heating and A/C systems) communicate with one another, and with people.

In Industry 4.0 Internet of Things is the major building block – it is IoT that makes this kind of interaction achievable.

Beside IoT and Industry 4.0 tandem, another more important interdependences exist in this field. Such a technological breakthrough wouldn’t happen without the spread of these accelerators: Big data and analytics, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, machine learning. Thanks to these technological trends being at place, Industry 4.0 transforms the way factories used to work dramatically.

Industry 4.0 goes in parallel with the wide spreading of Machine to Machine communication (also known as M2M). M2M technology stands for interaction between devices by means of network resources. In other words, devices can now exchang data and perform various actions without human participation. This is actually the key feature of IoT. So, IoT and M2M certainly have something in common, although they are not the same. Being a wider concept than M2M, Internet of things assumes broader integration possibilities. With IoT, interaction is not limited to device-to-device level – additional objects from our surrounding may be involved as well.

Where M2M communication can be applied? Here are just a few examples of M2m applications:

Transition to Industry 4.0 brings enormous opportunities to business owners. Such a transformation allows to create value on many levels of the production chain. What particular benefits may be obtained?

These fascinating opportunities, however, are accompanied by certain issues that programming solutions providers should be aware of. What challenges do Industry 4.0 and machine 2 machine bring?

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Internet of things
Internet of things