What makes an application highload?

As you probably know, load stands for a volume of computational work carried out by a system. Therefore, a highload app is supposed to make a large amount of computations simultaneously. For example, such a system should be capable of processing a lot if user data requests simultaneously.

There are no particular numbers (such as the number of operations performed simultaneously) for a system to be considered a high load – for every project they are determined individually. Here we are rather talking about the possibility to horizontally scale the project to any potentially achievable number of users.

As soon as you notice that your project fails to withstand its daily load, it needs to be scaled – chances are that it becomes a highload app. There are monitoring systems that help to determine whether it’s time to scale your system. Zabbix, Munin, Nagios are among them.

As a Java application development company, we certainly recommend using this programming language when working on highload systems.

Why app development using Java helps to build scalable projects?

Being a Java app development company, we know for sure how to build highload applications. One of such projects is an integration service of music streaming and music libraries with social networking features. With this, service retailers can sell digital content through local shops while users can purchase it, synchronize it with their music libraries, and share it with their friends. To achieve the desired objectives Client ordered our Java application programming services. Due to the viral effect of social networking functionality, the user base is constantly increasing.

Another example of Java app programming solutions delivered by our guys is a SaaS solution to manage construction sites. The user base of this project totals 35000, and it is growing constantly. The system easily withstands 21’755’588 weekly queries, wherein more than 100 queries are performed at the same time. There is also support of complex search results exceeding 270 searches/second in production.

So, as practice shows, to stay ahead from competitors it is important be ready for the increased load. Thus, a project architecture should allow to scale it once this happens. Reach out to us and find out how our app development Java services can help you build a competitive product.

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