3D modeling opens great opportunities for graphic representation of different three-dimensional objects. Thus, this technology is widely applied in a variety of fields. For instance, for a manufacturing enterprise 3D modeling software companies can deliver machine models that show how they work.

Virtual reality (VR) is another industry where 3D models are an integral part. With high quality 3D virtual modeling and testing absolutely incredible digital worlds can be created. What constitute a 3D model? Typically, it consists of polygons – flat surfaces that have three or more sides. There are different tools for 3D models creation available in the market. Among popular and powerful products are Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya.

How does a process of 3D model creation typically flow?

3D models can be built by means of programming, in case the required parameters are known. If we deal with a complex model, it is better to break it down into primitives – simple geometric objects (cube, pyramid, sphere, etc.). To do this, special software tools can be used. In addition, it is possible to work with separate components of a model. That is, they can be modified as needed.

So, 3D modeling software companies either apply ready software products to create a model, or use programming methods. Mixed approach is applicable as well – some of the components are created in special apps, while others are built through programming.

And, few words about hardware issues. Earlier a CPU performed all the calculations needed to fit a 3D model into the environment, the lighting, etc. Today these calculations are done by a video card. However, a powerful video card is required to build and view 3D models. Working with 3D models in web environment has its specifics as well. If in case of desktop development, we use DirectX and OpenGL, in case of web development we apply WebGL.

This standard allows to use the hardware capabilities of the video card for working with 3D. In other words, capabilities of the certain video card are defined. GL, however, is used when working with a low level polygons and abstractions. To work with more complex objects other tools are applied.

ISS Art team has certain experience in 3D modeling. For one of our Customers we have delivered a web app for monitoring the construction process. Based on the data received from the devices, 3D models of the construction areas are built. With these models quality audit can be performed, and thus, competent management decisions can be made further.

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