An algorithm to count falling drops

DURATION less than 1 month
TEAM 1 developer

An application to automatically count drops of fluid on video. It can be used in high-precision manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, to detect potential leakages of weak equipment.

  • Video processing in order to recognize the object of interest
  • Counting the number of drops
  • To catch a moving object in the video, it is needed to leave this single object on all the shots. For this purpose background and foreign objects should be removed from the shots.
  • To count the number of drops, we analyzed all shots of the video to detect a stretched drop using OpenCV


As a result, we managed to accurately recognize the drop falling on the video and count the fallen drops.

The data on the calculated number can be compared with the admissible values depending on the specific task and industry.

Areas of expertise

Computer vision // Image processing // Video processing

Additional Technologies


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