Available specialists

Rate $/hour
$29.1 $26.7
Julia Z. UI/UX Designer
Experience — Middle, 3 years exp.

Bsics tools: Figma

Additional tools: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Sketch.

The tools selection depends on specific project needs and goals.

The workflow:

  • Research
  • Prototype & Wireframe
  • Content Analysis
  • Design
Rate $/hour
$45.1 $41.3
Constantin Y. C++ Developer
Experience — Senior, 15 years exp.

Programming languages: C++, C#, Java, Go, Kotlin.

Additional technologies: JSON, Spring, Hibernate, REST, AWS S3, Maven,

Guice, Jackson (Java library), Eclipse, IDEA, Ant, JUnit, XML, testNG.

The projects I worked on:

  • Website design (graphics) and inventory database/mysql (C\C++, Lua);
  • Files Synchronization and backup software (C\C++, Qt);
  • Mobile Service (Spring,Hibernate, Jersey, JSTL, Postgres);
  • Octopus (Spring,Hibernate, Jersy, JSTL, MySQL);
  • CrISStal Eye time tracking system  (WinForms, WCF);
  • Vertigo (Guice, Jersey, Postgres, Jackson JSON, JNI)
Rate $/hour
$30.9 $28.4
Marina G. Java Developer
Experience — Junior, 2 years exp.

Programming languages: Java, Guice, PostgreSQL, SQL.

I worked on high load projects which involved challenging tasks:

  • Vertigo Music, USA (scala, spark (Spark SQL), guice, jersey, jackson, Quartz Job Scheduler, Reactor Netty);
  • A system to aggregate farmacies, Russia (spring, hibernate, jackson, Google Firebase Cloud Messaging, Google ReCAPTCHA Invisible, Ni-Fi, Yandex.Checkout);
  • A system to check a vehicle registration and insurance, Nigeria (spring, hibernate, Google Maps Geocoding, Google Firebase Cloud Messaging).
Rate $/hour
$32.2 $29.5
Ilya K. JavaScript Developer
Experience — Middle, 6 years exp.

Programming languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS.

Frameworks and libraries: jWidget, jQuery, Zend.

Additional skills: JSON, WebStorm/PHPStorm, Sublime Text, jWidget SDK, support for multiple languages, PDF generation, Excel/Word report generation, Parsing HTML, mobile development, OOP, SOLID, refactoring, PHP, LESS, Apache, WebPack.

Rate $/hour
$28.5 $26.1
Mikhail L. QA Engineer
Experience — Middle, 5 years exp.

Test analytics and test design experience: testing business requirements, estimation of QA activities, development of test strategy, development of any type of test documentation.

Testing skills:​ Functional testing, usability testing.

Tools: ​Fiddler, Wireshark, browser developers tool, Git, MySQL, Postman, and others.

The projects I worked on:

  • CrISStal Eye time tracking system
  • Vertigo — a service for media contents management, distribution and sharing
Rate $/hour
$40.9 $37.5
Denis D. Java Developer | Team Lead
Experience — Senior, 5 years exp.

Programming languages: Java, XML, JSON, SQL, MySQL.

Frameworks and libraries: Spring, Hibernate, Jackson, jQuery,

During my 5+ year experience I’ve been working on complex software solutions, such as:

  • Vertigo Media — Team lead, code review;
  • Cassantec prognostic solution — raw data processing and standardization, data format development, backend development of administrative web app (ConfigDoc);
  • Jira plugin — Developer, Developing from scratch, test and new features implementation
Rate $/hour
Alexander K. ML/AI Expert | NLP Specialist
Experience — Middle, 5 years exp.

Core technologies: Tensor Flow, Pytorch, OCR, CoreML, OpenCV, IBM Watson

Core full-stack development technologies: JavaScript (ES5, ES6, ES7, TS), AngularJS (Ng1, Ng2), jQuery, React, D3.js, FarbicJS.

Background: Mongo, Python, Postgres.

ML expert with major in natural language processing and computational linguistic tools. Coding web, NLP-systems in python with NLTK, spaCy and AllenNLP. Creating web apps for your ML-projects.

— «If users can’t interact with your model, your model is dead» — Manuel Amunategui — «Monetizing machine learning».

Rate $/hour
$29.5 $27
Sergey T. JavaScript Developer
Experience — Middle, 4 years exp.

Programming languages: JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, C/C++, Java, Python.

Libraries and frameworks: jQuery.

Additional skills: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, TCP/IP, HTTP(s).

The projects I worked on:

  • Cassantec prognostic solution — frontend developer, refactoring, bug fixing;
  • Sigma digital payment system — frontend developer, refactoring, bug fixing of admin panel;
  • Gamification for chess game project — frontend developer;
  • A web application for coal company managing and prodution control — frontend developer.


Rate $/hour
$29.5 $27
Alexander L. JavaScript Developer | Python Developer
Experience — Middle, 3 years exp.

Programming languages: JavaScript, Python, HTML, XML, JSON, CSS.

Frameworks and libraries: ReactJS, Node.js.

The projects I worked on: 

  • SPA for control of distribution of various data to mobile devices through backend — frontend, backend, architecture;
  • SPA for control of various settings for user mobile apps (games) — frontend, backend, architecture;
  • A few SPAs for control of internal app development. Various app versions, various markets, etc. — frontend, backend, architecture

I worked with Python as the backend tool and used multiple frameworks such as asyncio, Tornado, Flask. For databases I usually use Mongo or Postgresql. I aslo have experience of Django development.

I worked with Node.js, React, Semantic UI, and Redux for the frontend development.

Rate $/hour
Ilya S. Android Developer | ML/AI Expert | NLP Specialist
Experience — Middle, 5 years exp.

Programming languages: Python, Java, C++, C#, Android, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, HTML, XML, JSON.

Frameworks and libraries. OpenCV, Tensorflow, Spring, jQuery.


  • Machine Learning — recommendations, prediction, forecasting, classification, CNN, RNN;
  • Computer Vision — OCR, pattern recognition etc.;
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Text Analysis — syntax, semantics, sentiment analysis, computational linguistics;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • Algorithms;
  • Video/ Image processing;
  • IBM Watson and Google AI services.

Some of the projects I worked on:

Rate $/hour
$29.5 $27
Anna K. Android Developer
Experience — Junior, 1 year exp.

Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Android SDK.

Databases: PostgreSQL

Rate $/hour
$27 $24.8
Ramazan Z. Analyst
Experience — Junior, 1 year exp.

I provide the following services:

  • Business Analytics
  • Preliminary Analytics
  • Project Analytics
  • Requirement Specification
  • Requirement Development and Management
  • Wireframes, Use Cases, UML Diagrams, User Guides creation
Rate $/hour
$32.9 $30.1
Yulia S. Data Science Engineer
Experience — Junior, 1 year exp.

Programming languages: Python, SQL.

Frameworks and libraries: Tensorflow.


  • Mathematics
  • Data science
  • Data analysis
Rate $/hour
$28.5 $26.1
Semyon B. iOS Developer
Experience — Middle, 3 years exp.

Languages: Swift, Java, Python

Frameworks and libraries: XCTest, Appium, Alamofire, SDWebImage, SwiftyJSON.

Additional skills: UI Autotests, Integration Autotests

IDEs: XCode, IDEA, VSCode