Available specialists

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Vladimir Backend engineer
Experience — Middle, 5 years exp.
Expertise — Backlend

Super power – Rapid backend

Project value – Backend, business logic, third party integrations.

Experience examples:

  • Big Eye project – Application Core development
  • A solution to control bottled products quality – Application Core development

Skills: Java, Python


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Konstantin Project Manager
Experience — 5 years exp,
Expertise — Project Management

Super power – Risk and Opportunity Management

Project value – Budget and deadlines commitment

Skills: Budget and Commitment management, Change management, Relationship management




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Alexander Front-end expert
Experience — Middle, 5 years exp,
Expertise — Front-End

Super Power – Intuitive UI implementation

Project value – UI solutions, connection of design and the business logic

Experience examples:

  • Blood Diet app – Frontend, backend, architecture
  • Internal Version Control System – Few SPAs for control of internal app development – Frontend, architecture

Skills: Python, JavaScript, React, CSS




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Konstantin QA engineer
Experience — Senior 9 years exp.
Expertise — QA

Super Power – Performance Testing, Security testing

Project value – Full product testing

Skills: Jmeter, Blazemeter, Taurus, Java, Groovy, AWS, Jenkins, TeamCity, TCP/HTTP/WebSocket, Test design, including design, development and implementation of test plans, test cases, check lists. Bug/Defect tracking. Functional testing of web, mobile, desktop applications.


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Sergey Leading DevOps
Experience — Senior, 10 years exp.
Expertise — DevOps

Super power – High load architecture

Project value – Solid Project Infrastructure

Experience examples:

  • TCC – Consultive developer, DevOps
  • Vertigo – Consultive developer, DevOps
  • Evopost – Consultive developer, DevOps

Skills: Jenkins, Ansible, SaltStack, Puppet, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Tomcat, GlassFish, Jetty, SQLLite, Redis, MongoDB, MemcacheDB, nginx, Apache

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Nikolai Machine learning expert | Mobile development expert
Experience — Senior, 14 years exp.
Expertise — Mobile Development

Super Power – Full Stack Mobile Development

Project value – Exceptional Mobile Applications

Relevant experience:

  • Remote Assistant – Android app to provide online support via video/audio/text chat with ability to mark/track objects on phone screen. – Lead application developer
  • Zooracle – Android application that helps scientists to perform reserches connected with frogs (comparing them using different criterias with computer vision) – Lead app developer, OpenCV developer
  • Overcoming pain based on EMDR – Tech Lead

Skills: C/C++, Java, C#, JS, Flash/Flex, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift, Python, HTML, CSS, Flutter



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Alexander Machine learning expert
Experience — Senior, 11 years exp.
Expertise — Machine Learning

Super Power – Accurate Data Processing

Project value – Data analysis, scaling the AI model

Experience examples:

  • Medicial Quiz – NLP developer
  • Letter ETL – backend dev, data engineer

Skills: OpenCV, TENSORFOW, PYTORCH, jQuery, React, D3.js, FabricJS, IBM Watson






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Alexander Computer vision expert
Experience — Middle, 4 years exp.
Expertise — Computer Vision

Super Power: High-Accuracy Computer Vision and ML algorithms

Project value: Image recognition and classification, image recognition on video records

Experience examples:

  • A solution to detect a bronchial plexus on an ultrasound image – CV algorithm developer
  • Data analysis app for medicial garment usage prediction – Analyttics, building the models
  • Work on the project associated with stock price prediction – Trading signals selection, building the models
  • A solution to monitor cell viability and location – Leading CV expert




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Ekaterina Designer
Experience — 4 years exp.
Expertise — UI/UX Design

Super power – Pixel-Perfect UI/UX

Project value – Design

Relevant experience:

– Private Twitter like Social Media Platform Web and Mobile for Physician Community Prototype – UI/UX

– Project Big Eye – UI/UX, Prototype mockups

Skills: Adobe CC (Experience Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), Figma prototyping.





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Liya G. Software Engineer
Expertise — Python

Programming languages: Python, SQL, pl(pg)SQL

Additional skills: HTML, XML, JSON, CSSOOP, functional programming, SOLID, GoF-patterns, refactoring.

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Yulia Leading Analyst
Experience — Senior, 6 years exp.
Expertise — Business Analysis

Super Power: Project vision, functional/non-functional requirements and translation to technical experts

Project value: Supervising the business goals

Experience examples:

Skills: documenting BRS (Business requirements Specification), SRS (Software Requirements Specification), FRS (Functional Requirements Specification), user interface design and creating wireframes, use cases development, basic UML diagram development.





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Ilya K. Software Engineer
Experience — Middle
Expertise — Android

Programming languages: Android, Kotlin, Unity.

Additional skills: JSON, Sublime Text, jWidget SDK, support for multiple languages, PDF generation, Excel/Word report generation, Parsing HTML, mobile development, OOP, SOLID, refactoring, PHP, LESS, Apache, WebPack.

The projects I worked on:

  • Chess school – mobile developer
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Denis Software Engineer | Team Lead
Experience — Senior, 8 years exp.
Expertise — Java

Super Power: Java Enterprise Applications

Project value: Team lead, application core development, business logic, third party integrations.

Experience examples:

  • Vertigo Media – Team lead, code review;
  • Cassantec prognostic solution – raw data processing and standardization, data format development, backend development of administrative web app (ConfigDoc);
  • Jira plugin – Developer, Developing from scratch, test and new features implementation

Skills: Java, JS, XML, JSON, SQL, MySQL, Spring, Hibernate, Jackson, jQuery



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Sergey T. Software Engineer
Experience — Middle
Expertise — JavaScript

Programming languages: JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, C/C++, Java, Python.

Libraries and frameworks: jQuery.

Additional skills: MySQL, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, TCP/IP, HTTP(s).

The projects I worked on:

  • Cassantec prognostic solution – frontend developer, refactoring, bug fixing;
  • Sigma digital payment system – frontend developer, refactoring, bug fixing of admin panel;
  • Gamification for chess game project – frontend developer;
  • A web application for coal company managing and prodution control – frontend developer.


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Anna K. Software Engineer
Experience — Junior
Expertise — Android

Programming languages: Java, Kotlin, Android SDK.

Databases: PostgreSQL