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Internal training courses at ISS Art


Here at ISS Art we believe it is important to create the possibilities for professional growth of our employees. Therefore, we regularly organize their participation in education and skills improvement programs. Recently, several internal training courses have been held at our company.

1. The course “Databases: Basic course” from the Head of Software development department Grigoriy Kosyanenko

The listeners of the course were analysts and QA engineers. According to Grigoriy, this was more like an advanced course, because he managed to give the guys a lot more than was planned, and even to introduce a piece of the SQL training. The audience, in turn, was also delighted with the course and presentation of the material. You can view the video from the course here:
1st lesson
2nd lesson
3rd lesson
4th lesson

2. The course “Algorithms. Basic course” from our developer Nikolai Baklanov

The course notes, as well as the presentation, will be available later.

3. The course “IoT, ML, AR / VR for non-technical specialists” from our architect Sergey Maslov

Thanks to the course, the employees of our HR department have learned a lot about current trends in the IT market, programming languages and areas of their application.

ISS Art not only makes learning available to its employees, but is also willing to share its knowledge with the world. The IT community “How to do it (H2D)” created by our company has been solving this task for 1.5 years already. In this community, we regularly hold free seminars on programming, design and management.

On August 2 a seminar for managers “Situational Leadership” from Grigory Kosyanenko was held in “H2D” club.

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