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Day of the professional at ISS Art


There are many professional holidays in September:
– September 9 is the Tester’s day and the Designer’s day,
– September 13 is the Programmer’s day,
– September 19 is the HR manager’s day,
– September 24 is the Analyst’s day.

Last Thursday in Omsk office the traditional holiday “Day of the professional” took place. Questoria company came to visit us. This is such kind of quest, when people are given a certain situation. Besides that, there is a background, how they ended up in it. And the situation development is in the hands of the participants themselves.

Our guys turned out to be heroes of the game “Lost”. That is, they had to procure food, wood and iron, build shelters and make weapons, investigate the mysterious disappearance of scientists. Each team had to achieve its goal, and the participants used different ways for it. In the last round of the game the teams had to unite, otherwise the goal would not be achieved. Needless to say, with joint efforts you can achieve much more than on your own.

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