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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud model in which a software provider does not sell the license for it, but lets it be used for a monthly charge. Clients of a SaaS solutions company get the access to the applications over the Internet connection.

The top four SaaS solutions benefits are as follows:

Possible solutions

The experience we have obtained allows us to successfully develop the following SaaS solutions:

Our expertise

We have successfully developed CRM systems, for example, a SaaS solution for small businesses and credit institutions that enables making corrections of wrong borrowers’ data in bank databases.

Another type of SaaS-based solutions is a project management system enabling planning tasks, appointing persons in charge, synchronizing work and keeping track of task performance. An example of a delivered solution is a system to manage constructions.

Another popular type of SaaS solutions is a document flow system allowing keeping important documents safe, synchronizing simultaneous work with them and differentiating rights access to them. An example of such solution is a centralized system to work with project documents realized within a corporate portal.

Data management applications that allow collecting and storing large amounts of information, identifying interdependences, making data visualization are also distributed as SaaS. We have developed such solutions. For example, a system for collecting large amounts of data within a specialized corporate portal. Such data include data collected from video surveillance systems, meteorological data (air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, etc.)

Our areas of competence in SaaS solutions development:

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