Simulation engine

Type Desktop application
DURATION 1 month
TEAM 4 employees

This project is a system of simulation modeling, it works as a plug-in for Microsoft Visio. It compares favorably with its analogues due to its operation speed, the number of items in a model (more than 40 mln.) and a rather long modeling period (up to 100 years). The application can be applied to many areas of human activity, such as logistics, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

The main customer’s objective for this project was to sell the application individually customized to each buyer’s activity. It was decided to develop the product because the customer was not satisfied with the speed of analogue programs and a small number of model objects, besides, analogue programs cannot not use the full capacity of modern computers.

  1. The Customer was not satisfied with the speed of analogue programs and wanted to create a new product that could use the full capacity of modern computers.
  2. The Customer wanted to increase the number of items in a model and extend a modeling period.
  1. We have created a new product from scratch using modern technology with a better performance.
  2. We have created parallel processing algorithms and used a larger memory size.
  1. The performance and the operation speed has been increased significantly.
  2. Тhe number of items in a model is more than 40 mln, and the modeling period has been increased up to 100 years.
Sleep restore
Sleep restore
Global Event Map application
Global Event Map application

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