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Useful materials

It’s important to share one’s experience with other people. We created this section to share our experience and give useful tips. Visit it and find your useful material to download.

How to switch to ISS Art from another software development partner

This guide is for everyone who considers switching from current software development partner to another vendor. Here you will find useful tips and our expert advice on how to make this process run smoothly and minimize the costs associated with it.

Feel free to share this guide with your colleagues and partners.


Five Steps to Outsourcing Your Next Development Project

This guide is designed to give you the five steps to effectively outsource your next software development project. You will learn how to find the right candidates, qualify and interview them. The document describes some useful tips of how to overcome fears of offshoring and handle any of the challenges that might arise.
You can use this strategy to grow and scale as you need. Let’s dive into the five-step process for offshoring your next project by downloading and reading the guide.

How to Promote Your Software Product: Useful Tips from ISS Art

This guide is designed to help you launch and promote your software product successfully. The document covers the key points to remember when starting your product promotion. It also provides an overview of tools and resources which can be utilized to promote your project. We recommend that you read this guide to the end before starting your promotional activities.