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Today SaaS is an extremely popular delivery model as long as it brings significant benefits to both providers and customers. Alongside the benefits, SaaS model has some potential drawbacks that one should be aware of. These and other aspects of SaaS applications development will be covered here.

 Web development

Web development is a very broad topic. Web projects can range from simple corporate sites to complex web based applications and social network solutions. We have great experience in building various web projects, and we are willing to share our knowledge with you.

Big data

Big data processing is a high-demand activity today. With data sets being constantly growing, enterprises face a challenge to collect, store, analyze and visualize data. This section includes articles covering this topic.


“Cloud” has become a common term these days; it is used to describe basically any kind of computing work which is hosted online. Here you will find the answers to the questions about cloud computing benefits and how these can help you meet the desired business objectives.


As technologies develop, business owners are given more opportunities to run their business online more efficiently and to provide their customers with the better user experience. This section covers various aspects of e-commerce projects development and challenges one can face while making efforts to automate trading and purchasing operations.

Useful materials

It’s important to share one’s experience with other people. We created this section to share our experience and give useful tips. Visit it and find your useful material to download.


Testing is an essential part of software development process aimed to catch bugs and make sure that the final product is working as designed. This section contains tips and tricks which can be employed to make software testing process more efficient.

 IT Humor

Wanna take a break from software development tasks and relax a little? Visit IT humor section of our blog and smile:)


Needless to say, mobile devices have changed the way businesses work. Since everyone is on the move today, going mobile is important for any business. Here you will find the articles covering the questions a business owner might have: “What kind of app to build – native or hybrid?”, “How to make an app run on different platforms?”, and many other issues.